16th Dec 2014, 2:26 AM Upcoming stuff...

I wonder if anyone bothers to read blogs. There was a discussion on the boards, and the overwhelming majority said no. Hmmm. 

Anyway, just a quick note--next issue will end on a cliff of a hanger, and we will NOT be getting back to the next phase for a minute...instead we will have both The Ill #0 and The Ill #14.1 in between. This may be a two-month thing, but I wanted to get these last two stories out of the way before we get into the 'new' version of the book. These two issues are flashback stories, as I've posted before, and I plan to have them uploaded as close to one another as possible, so we can hop right into The Ill #'19' right afterward (which can also be looked at the NEW Ill #1). Just a heads up, for the readers who are really into the story and want to see what's coming after, and what the overall point is. These will be fun issues--a lot of history will be filled in in The Ill #0, and #14.1 will give us a closer look at a certain villain who had a non-speaking role in The Ill #15 (the Oneman issue), we'll see what she was doing right before that meeting of villains! 

I look forward to your thoughts!


6th Dec 2014, 6:44 PM The Flame-Bearers

I really enjoy having so many different characters (and eras) to play around with...I hope the large cast--which will become somewhat larger soon--is not overwhelming to readers. I try to give every character their own voice, their own distinct identity. I especially like the various flame-bearers we've met--including the late and lamented Warhead--and we'll be seeing and learning more about them soon. The Ill #0 will feature info pages on MOST of the Infernos--I'm saving the new guy for The Ill #19. I have ideas for the Inferno of the far future--Cipher 99--Rikk Bishop, and his unique take on the flame abilities he's inherited. And then there's the Promethean Torch, at the center of it all--look for The Ill #0 for a ton more info on it (and it will tie into The Ill #14 and #17, to a lesser degree). We'll learn more about the Keeper of the Lost Flame and meet some other flame-based villains like Hellfire and The Flameseeker. Not to mention our hot-headed former replacement Inferno from times past--now known as Sun-Ray. I so look forward to writing this guy.

Stay tuned, more fun stuff coming.


5th Dec 2014, 4:49 AM And so it ends...

Yes, I realize there are a few loose ends to tie up--who has stolen the Coda Crystal, for example? What of Millie's apparent feelings for Dr. James Dale, the Daybreaker? Don't worry--next issue may bring death and destruction upon the universe, but we will get to those little details, one way or another. This IS, after all, a 33-issue series, so SOMETHING must be coming after The Ill #0 (which will be uploaded in place of The Ill #19, so we will have a flashback month before we jump back into things. 

Look for a TON of guest-stars next issue as the superhuman community--of two eras--fights to save the fabric of reality! Look for surprise deaths, and a super-surprise guest star near the issue's end! Plus, a bit more on Zed--just WHAT is he up to?


All will be revealed (mostly) next issue, the end of Act 1, the end of everything we have come to know about The Club and the world in which they live. It'll be a comic book written expressly for the comic book lover. I hope you guys dig it, and thanks to the new subscribers and readers, silent though you are...hopefully something will grab you enough to get a comment out of you. In the meantime...see you in 30 days, give or take, and Happy Xmas to all! 2015 is looming, and it will be a fun year for The Ill!


31st Oct 2014, 1:01 AM The Ill #16!

Hey, I hope you all enjoyed this issue, I was waiting a long time to get to this one, and I'm mostly pleased with how it turned out. I've been really wanting to expand Inferno's rogue's gallery, and we will definitely see folks like Foolish Girl and Vampiro again at some point. Even Shadow-Master will show up again in the future--maybe not necessarily in this series, but in what comes after. More on that at a later date.


Behind the scenes stuff: in their original incarnations both Oneman and Foolish Girl were teammates on a team called 'Cipher 7' (as you can see, I kept the name) and Foolish Girl was a hero. I never really did any serious pages of that concept aside from sketches and action scenes but I always saw Foolish Girl as a fun character, and she didn't let me down this issue. The line about her time as a member of a rock band came out of nowhere as I was writing that page (the dialogue comes to me as I'm typing it onto the finished pages of art, I don't write it down). It's like these characters write themselves sometimes.


Next issue...welll, I can't say too much without spoiling, but we're going to wrap up 'The Five Corners of the World' with a bang. This entire arc has been (a) a tour of the world, (b) an homage to the era of 'Team-Up' comics, and (c) the wrap up of the journey we've been on since issue #1. Next issue wraps it up, and then #18 will shut off the lights, lock the place up, and put a 'Condemned' sign on the dying lawn. 


Thanks for reading, you honor me by devoting even a minute of your time to my work. Thanks to you all, and stick with me--if you like what you've read so far, honestly, we haven't really started cooking yet.



6th Sep 2014, 1:59 AM Umm, Clarification...

Just to be clear, The Ill #0 is the prequel to THIS story, the Atlantis story I presume you just read in The Ill #15.

Alllllllllllrighty, then.