21st Jul 2013, 2:10 AM

Issue #1 will soon be re-posted, improved (no changes story-wise, just scanned better and sharper artwork). In the meantime, August 5th is the debut of The Ill's a BIG one. A lot of stuff happens, a lot of new players enter the stage, and the villains begin to unite! August brings The Ill # 4 and a re-release of The Ill # 1...and September's The Ill #5  goes into even deeper territory as we wrap up the first arc, 'Peace On One Earth'! 

This will be a 31 issue series and as of now ten issues are done, to be released monthly. Have faith that this series will NOT end abruptly, I will not get bored and quit. If I have your interest and you intend to stick with me, I promise not to disappoint. I want you to READ...and read CAREFULLY and CLOSELY. These are the comics we grew up reading in the '80's, the 70's, with a twist of Silver Age flavor, all with a modern sensibility and a focus on storytelling. 

Stik with me, and let me know what you think.