The Some Like It Hot Foundation is coming...

18th Oct 2013, 2:22 AM

Hi, thanks for reading...hope it's entertaining. Issue #7 begins the four-issue Some Like It Hot Foundation arc--the first arc, 'Peace On One Earth', introduced you to the heroes, now we will meet the villains.This will be a dark, horrific arc, lots of trouble for our heroes, lots of revelations about Inferno's past and his (and Millie's) connections to Mister Frigid. We'll say a permanent good-bye to a few characters, we'll see The Benefactor unleashed, we'll see someone get a power upgrade, and we'll witness a dark day in Freemantle as the city mourns. Read carefully, however--there is still MUCH more to come, and a lot of seeding and hint-giving will be going on (as it has in the past six issues). I'll go ahead and tell you now--Zed will be sitting this one out, regenerating the power he spent erasing Zayne from existence (who?), but he will be ever watching. And AFTER this, we'll travel to The Five Corners of the Earth! The Ill # 11 will be a special flashback to the days of Phaedra and the Teen Cipher, complete with an alternate 'retro' cover (and issue #12 features my favorite retro cover to date, as ***SPOILER*** encounters the Long Walker, the Eternal Highwayman, He Who Travels The Backroads Of Eternity...The Phantom Hitchhiker!

Stay with me, this all has a purpose and I'm just giving you individual puzzle pieces at the moment. The big picture will be seen soon, and those who have read carefully can see traces of the big picture NOW.It is my sworn duty to entertain you, and--in my little endangered corner of the Multiverse--to take you back to the things you loved about the comics of yesteryear.