And so it goes..

11th Dec 2013, 1:57 AM

Hope you're digging The Ill #8, it's one of my favorite issues so far. There's bits and pieces here and there that will play out into MUCH bigger things in upcoming issues, as we make our way to The Ill #31. I've been toying around with adding a 'who's who' page or two after every issue, just some quick background info on some of the heroes and villains we've met so far...the first couple will probably be Knife Master and maybe Truegod. We'll get Phaedra's full origin in the very near future, and we'll learn of Oneman's dead protege, Solitaire. Oneman himself will play a MAJOR role in upcoming events...I will say no more, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Hopefully you'll return next issue for part 3 of the 'The Some Like It Hot Foundation' arc...after this, we'll take a breather for a couple issues and then embark on a journey to The Five Corners Of The World! And what comic-booky fun it will be!

Happy Festivus!