Changes and improvements...

27th Jan 2014, 3:14 AM

I thank all of you who have commented, your words are encouraging! I LOVE that you're enjoying the story, in spite of some of the somewhat iffy art.  The truth is I hate drawing, and it shows--I rushed through the first few issues. My apologies. As I've gotten deeper in, I've taken my time more but there is still room for vast improvement--and you will see this in the coming months, especially in the next arc, 'The Five Corners Of The World' (issues 13-17). This arc will take on us on a tour of the world--a world of superheroes, the supernatural, and super-science. I will have to draw some STRANGE things, as we visit some interesting locations, and I want it to look awesome. I promise to have each issue uploaded the 15th of every month, so I don't see myself getting off-schedule. Just expect to be a bit more satisfied with the look of the book in the months to come.

Again, thanks for enjoying the book and expressing it. Sorry there was no Inferno at all this issue, but you'll get a good dose of him next month, along with our favorite German fighter-clone...and we'll get a look at some of the other villains who plague the Ill world (and an in-depth look at them in The Ill #16, as we visit The Dregs, the gritty area of Freemantle that is home to Oneman)!

Stay fresh, people.