The Ill # 10! YEAH!!!

26th Feb 2014, 3:58 AM

It's good to see this thing come together, to actually be doing it and getting great feedback. It makes it worthwhile. I could probably advertise a bit more, and I will...but in the meantime I am dedicated to giving you readers something new to look forward to each month, and hopefully gain even more readers. I remember the things I loved about reading Swamp Thing, Spider Man, The Avengers, The Authority...the characters, the settings, their conflicts. I want to capture that magic--literaly--and infuse The Ill with it. And it IS magic--the stories have been told, all the words used before, but it's all in how its applied by the creator. Spells are being woven, and not just by Jinn or the late Blackheart Man.

Coming up: Next issue we get Phaedra's origin and the identity of the third survivor of Tass-Vatai. We see a city broken, devastated. We learn something new about the Naked Weapon. We learn of young Kid Flame's favorite adventure, and we spend time with the cold, dead, stiffening corpse of Millie De Vries (but she is oblivious to us). And the final page will be fun and set us up for the inevitable future.

Hope to see you back, and maybe bring a friend or two who wants something new and fun to read, they might like it...hopefully YOU'LL like what's in store.