And so, we meet again...

21st Mar 2014, 2:37 AM

I'll get it out of the way now--I've been under the weather for a week, and this has delayed production on The Ill # 12. It WILL be uploaded before the end of April, guaranteed, maybe by April 15th, even, but be aware. In the meantime, so other cool projects within a project coming up--The Ill # 0 will be full-color, TWO Titanic Tales! The first story will detail the historical importance of the Promethean Torch in Universe Designate-Eleven, and introduce us to yet another childhood creation of mine, strongly influenced by Howard E. Smith and Dungeon and Dragons. Her name is Iron Wuulf, and she plays important roles in both the past AND future of these heroes and their world. The second story will more than likely involve our good friend Zed as he runs down the history of this universe, beginning to end.

Further down the line will be my take on the 'What If' comics I loved from Marvel long ago (original series). In our case, we will ask the question, 'Suppose...The Second Inferno Had Lived?' How different might things be if Paul Bishop had never died? Would the Great Purge have still happened? And what about his relationship with John, his son?

I look forward to getting these things done, as well as holding your attention with the monthly issues of The Ill. Next issue is coming along NICELY and is action-packed...just another stop on the journey we make towards The Ill # 18. (Yes, this is a 31-issue series, but issue #18 is going to be something horribly special.)