22nd Apr 2014, 12:01 AM

Hope you enjoyed the first color issue...I wish I'd done them all this way, now. I don't want to get too fancy, either, with the colors--I'm going for the old-school look, but I DO want it to be visually appealing. Stay tuned, it will only get better. Next issue is one I've long looked forward to...the beginning of  the five-part 'The Five Corners Of The World' (five corners because a world such as this would have a few places a world like ours would not). As a kid I always wondered why superheroes never really took advantage of the perks that came with being a super being. Spider Man's girlfriend dies, okay, big deal. Use Reed Richards' time machine and un-do it. Have Doc Strange cast some resurrection spell. Have Miles Warren clone h--err, wait. You get my point, superheroes are on a different level than the so-called Normal Man. They have access to tech and things like magic and the spirit world...there's a chance a superhero could un-do the death of a girlfriend, and dead girlfriends are a staple of the superhero genre (you might notice all the tropes and idioms I'm working into The Ill, things like Twinkee ads, cosmic reality-altering mega events, best friends turned opposite-themed villains). This arc will take us on a tour of Earth Designate-Eleven, and each issue will feature a 'team up' guest star as Inferno goes on an epic quest to revive Millie. First stop is the afterlife, with the Phantom Hitchhiker...and a look into the true nature of 'Heaven/Hell', what souls really are, and Mankind's good/evil nature, even before birth and after death. I don't want to just hit you with big fights and super bad-guy schemes, I want to spark a few thoughts, as well. Inferno's trip into The Hereafter will open up a few things in this world...and set the tone for the supernatural corner of this universe of mine.

See you back, hopefully, in 30 days, as our journey begins (as reality begins to crumble, but that's a story for another day, a Perfect Day, even).