6th Sep 2014, 1:54 AM

So, yeah...what I wanted to do with this issue was give a little backstory on Atlantis and its role in the world, along with its hatred for humanity. This issue also sets up Siren for her future (and no, she won't be alone the next time we see her). She'll be a part of the next arc, starting with The Ill #19, but...well, I'll just let you see for yourself. 

The Ill #0 will be the prequel to this story, and we will finally learn about Inferno's adventure 'in the days before days were numbered' with the female barbarian Morr-Gann (and a few special guests). I should warn you--after the events of The Ill #18 we will have a 'Zero Month', which is when The Ill #0 fits in, then the month after we will pick up with The Ill #19. The arc--the name of which I can't reveal without spoiling things--will run from The Ill #19 thru #22 (the '0' issue has nothing at all to do with the catastrophic events of #18, it's a flashback issue). *whew*...just to make all that clear.

I debated starting over with a new #1 after the '0' issue, as the story would pretty much call for that, and hell, that's what 'real' comic books do. I should also add that originally this issue was to have a totally different story involving Inferno going to a place mentioned a few times in past issues, Antipodes, in search of a magic item. Plans changed long ago, and Antipodes became an entirely different thing altogether. There's a cover for the issue that would have been, I might post it as 'cutting room floor crap' in the future.

Hope you find this issue terrifically groovy. Next issue is the Oneman issue, in which we will learn a good deal about him (I've already told you his origin and shown him unmasked but I did it the sneaky way). We will see the beginnings of an Inferno unlike anything that has come before. And we will party with a shitload of supervillains, all gathered to discuss the end of the universe as we know it.

Thanks for reading.