The Ill #16!

31st Oct 2014, 1:01 AM

Hey, I hope you all enjoyed this issue, I was waiting a long time to get to this one, and I'm mostly pleased with how it turned out. I've been really wanting to expand Inferno's rogue's gallery, and we will definitely see folks like Foolish Girl and Vampiro again at some point. Even Shadow-Master will show up again in the future--maybe not necessarily in this series, but in what comes after. More on that at a later date.


Behind the scenes stuff: in their original incarnations both Oneman and Foolish Girl were teammates on a team called 'Cipher 7' (as you can see, I kept the name) and Foolish Girl was a hero. I never really did any serious pages of that concept aside from sketches and action scenes but I always saw Foolish Girl as a fun character, and she didn't let me down this issue. The line about her time as a member of a rock band came out of nowhere as I was writing that page (the dialogue comes to me as I'm typing it onto the finished pages of art, I don't write it down). It's like these characters write themselves sometimes.


Next issue...welll, I can't say too much without spoiling, but we're going to wrap up 'The Five Corners of the World' with a bang. This entire arc has been (a) a tour of the world, (b) an homage to the era of 'Team-Up' comics, and (c) the wrap up of the journey we've been on since issue #1. Next issue wraps it up, and then #18 will shut off the lights, lock the place up, and put a 'Condemned' sign on the dying lawn. 


Thanks for reading, you honor me by devoting even a minute of your time to my work. Thanks to you all, and stick with me--if you like what you've read so far, honestly, we haven't really started cooking yet.