And so it ends...

5th Dec 2014, 4:49 AM

Yes, I realize there are a few loose ends to tie up--who has stolen the Coda Crystal, for example? What of Millie's apparent feelings for Dr. James Dale, the Daybreaker? Don't worry--next issue may bring death and destruction upon the universe, but we will get to those little details, one way or another. This IS, after all, a 33-issue series, so SOMETHING must be coming after The Ill #0 (which will be uploaded in place of The Ill #19, so we will have a flashback month before we jump back into things. 

Look for a TON of guest-stars next issue as the superhuman community--of two eras--fights to save the fabric of reality! Look for surprise deaths, and a super-surprise guest star near the issue's end! Plus, a bit more on Zed--just WHAT is he up to?


All will be revealed (mostly) next issue, the end of Act 1, the end of everything we have come to know about The Club and the world in which they live. It'll be a comic book written expressly for the comic book lover. I hope you guys dig it, and thanks to the new subscribers and readers, silent though you are...hopefully something will grab you enough to get a comment out of you. In the meantime...see you in 30 days, give or take, and Happy Xmas to all! 2015 is looming, and it will be a fun year for The Ill!