The Flame-Bearers

6th Dec 2014, 6:44 PM

I really enjoy having so many different characters (and eras) to play around with...I hope the large cast--which will become somewhat larger soon--is not overwhelming to readers. I try to give every character their own voice, their own distinct identity. I especially like the various flame-bearers we've met--including the late and lamented Warhead--and we'll be seeing and learning more about them soon. The Ill #0 will feature info pages on MOST of the Infernos--I'm saving the new guy for The Ill #19. I have ideas for the Inferno of the far future--Cipher 99--Rikk Bishop, and his unique take on the flame abilities he's inherited. And then there's the Promethean Torch, at the center of it all--look for The Ill #0 for a ton more info on it (and it will tie into The Ill #14 and #17, to a lesser degree). We'll learn more about the Keeper of the Lost Flame and meet some other flame-based villains like Hellfire and The Flameseeker. Not to mention our hot-headed former replacement Inferno from times past--now known as Sun-Ray. I so look forward to writing this guy.

Stay tuned, more fun stuff coming.