Upcoming stuff...

16th Dec 2014, 2:26 AM

I wonder if anyone bothers to read blogs. There was a discussion on the boards, and the overwhelming majority said no. Hmmm. 

Anyway, just a quick note--next issue will end on a cliff of a hanger, and we will NOT be getting back to the next phase for a minute...instead we will have both The Ill #0 and The Ill #14.1 in between. This may be a two-month thing, but I wanted to get these last two stories out of the way before we get into the 'new' version of the book. These two issues are flashback stories, as I've posted before, and I plan to have them uploaded as close to one another as possible, so we can hop right into The Ill #'19' right afterward (which can also be looked at the NEW Ill #1). Just a heads up, for the readers who are really into the story and want to see what's coming after, and what the overall point is. These will be fun issues--a lot of history will be filled in in The Ill #0, and #14.1 will give us a closer look at a certain villain who had a non-speaking role in The Ill #15 (the Oneman issue), we'll see what she was doing right before that meeting of villains! 

I look forward to your thoughts!