5th Dec 2013, 4:05 AM UPDATE...

Long story short, the guys in the IT department at work were able to repair the laptop, and all is well...aside from the fact that I'm a couple days behind now, and issue #8 of The Ill will be up by Saturday morning (before noon). Hope to see you back here, hope you're enjoying the story. Sorry for the delay, but I'm SO gleeful (I rarely have occasion to use that word) to have the laptop up and running again. 



2nd Nov 2013, 2:23 AM The Ill #7...

this arc--which will run through issue #10--will focus on the villains. I wanted to depict villains being truly VILLAINOUS, and that's what this arc is about. Next issue a VERY powerful villain--hinted at in an earlier issue--will join the fray, and we'll get a little more background info on the Foundation. Lots of hints and clues of what comes after, also. This is all building up to something fun and different, and I can't wait until we get to the payoff (issue #31)...but this stuff is fun, in the meantime. 


And poor Millie, eh? 



18th Oct 2013, 5:18 AM Minor corrections...

A minor mistake in the last blog post, regarding upoming issues...actually issue #11 will deal with the fallout of the 'Some Like It Hot Foundation' storyarc, with a pretty cool homage cover (to a pretty obscure issue of 'Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane')....issue #12 is the Phaedra and The Teen Cipher flashback issue (with major ties to the present and featuring a MAJOR new villain), while #13, fittingly, will include the Phantom Hitchhiker and ***SPOILER*** a certain deceased Lord of All Magic who happens to have a Black Heart. HOW, you askk--???


Please keep reading, and comment, should the mood strike you--which I sincerely hope happens.




18th Oct 2013, 2:22 AM The Some Like It Hot Foundation is coming...

Hi, thanks for reading...hope it's entertaining. Issue #7 begins the four-issue Some Like It Hot Foundation arc--the first arc, 'Peace On One Earth', introduced you to the heroes, now we will meet the villains.This will be a dark, horrific arc, lots of trouble for our heroes, lots of revelations about Inferno's past and his (and Millie's) connections to Mister Frigid. We'll say a permanent good-bye to a few characters, we'll see The Benefactor unleashed, we'll see someone get a power upgrade, and we'll witness a dark day in Freemantle as the city mourns. Read carefully, however--there is still MUCH more to come, and a lot of seeding and hint-giving will be going on (as it has in the past six issues). I'll go ahead and tell you now--Zed will be sitting this one out, regenerating the power he spent erasing Zayne from existence (who?), but he will be ever watching. And AFTER this, we'll travel to The Five Corners of the Earth! The Ill # 11 will be a special flashback to the days of Phaedra and the Teen Cipher, complete with an alternate 'retro' cover (and issue #12 features my favorite retro cover to date, as ***SPOILER*** encounters the Long Walker, the Eternal Highwayman, He Who Travels The Backroads Of Eternity...The Phantom Hitchhiker!

Stay with me, this all has a purpose and I'm just giving you individual puzzle pieces at the moment. The big picture will be seen soon, and those who have read carefully can see traces of the big picture NOW.It is my sworn duty to entertain you, and--in my little endangered corner of the Multiverse--to take you back to the things you loved about the comics of yesteryear.



27th Aug 2013, 11:56 PM The Ill #5...

Hope you're enjoying it...just typed most of a nice comment about the backgrounds of some of the new cast members, but the good old laptop decided to backtrack several pages for no reason, and I lost it all. Oh, well.

Thanks for reading, stick with issue addresses a few dangling threads from the past few issues and sets the stage for the coming of The Some Like It Hot Foundation. It will be quite awful and horrific. Stay tuned!

5th Aug 2013, 1:20 AM The Ill #4

Four issues in, I hope you're enjoying it (as far as I'm concerned we're still watching previews, the actual film hasn't begun yet). I should tell you that many of the characters introduced so far are from my childhood, created to star in boxfulls (literally) of hand-made comics (8 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 typing paper, folded, stapled, drawn inblack Bic) written and drawn by me. Inferno, Mercury, Oneman, Lady Omega, even the aforementioned Murphy Mouse and Millie's cat, Cougar (we'll meet him soon). It's fun re-visiting these old childhood creations and re-imagining them for this series. Close friends of mine will recognize some of them, of course, and if I can track down one of those old comics from back then, I'll post some pages (I think a cousin has an 'issue' of Inferno). I mean, I drew TONS of these things, even killed charaters off and put them through a Crisis of their own around 1986 (I wonder what inspired me).

In this issue, #4, you'll meet some of the other heroes who populate this Earth, as well as a villain or two...things heat up quickly. Next issue we meet a few more key players, and look a little closer at some of the things we learned in this one...who are the other two survivors of the Benefactor's homeworld, and just HOW did they survive? Who is Oneman? What's the deal with Zed?

Stick with me, let me know what you think, and hold onto your seats, the ride is about to get wild.



21st Jul 2013, 2:10 AM so...

Issue #1 will soon be re-posted, improved (no changes story-wise, just scanned better and sharper artwork). In the meantime, August 5th is the debut of The Ill's a BIG one. A lot of stuff happens, a lot of new players enter the stage, and the villains begin to unite! August brings The Ill # 4 and a re-release of The Ill # 1...and September's The Ill #5  goes into even deeper territory as we wrap up the first arc, 'Peace On One Earth'! 

This will be a 31 issue series and as of now ten issues are done, to be released monthly. Have faith that this series will NOT end abruptly, I will not get bored and quit. If I have your interest and you intend to stick with me, I promise not to disappoint. I want you to READ...and read CAREFULLY and CLOSELY. These are the comics we grew up reading in the '80's, the 70's, with a twist of Silver Age flavor, all with a modern sensibility and a focus on storytelling. 

Stik with me, and let me know what you think.