Comic 561 - Reader art!

7th Apr 2015, 12:41 AM
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Reader art!
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Author Notes:

7th Apr 2015, 12:41 AM
More art from loyal reader Quetz...we'll see a lot more of the Gunman in action, and MANY other surprises for those who have been following the story from issue #1.


9th Apr 2015, 11:37 PM
I notice the past few weeks I'm getting over 500 hits a day, which I assume means someone is binge-reading. FANTASTIC. If this is happening as often as I see it on the chart, it's a good thing, regardless of subscriptions or comments. Keep reading, shit is about to hit the turbo engine.
7th May 2015, 1:29 AM
It looks awesome!
7th May 2015, 1:54 AM
Quetzlsacatanango is super-gifted--click on his name in my subscriber's list, check out his stuff! He's doing a guest cover for The Ill #25, which will have a ton of pages (like the 'double-sized issue' comics back when that was a thing).