Comic 563 - The Ill...and BEYOND!

7th May 2015, 1:11 AM
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The Ill...and BEYOND!
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Author Notes:

7th May 2015, 1:11 AM
Working on The Ill #20, and I hope you guys like the art a lot better (I do). If I can keep on schedule I hope to have a six-page preview up by Sunday the 10th. Also--The Ill, as a series, WILL continue on past #33! I originally planned for 31 issues, then 33--but as early as issue #2 I laid the seeds should I decide to go on indefinitely. BUT, being that I came up with a complete, finished 'saga' for these first 33 issues (34, if you count the '0' issue), the 34th issue of this series will bring vast changes. We'll have some new cast members, we'll have a new tone and focus. We'll have new comic book tropes to explore and have fun with...we'll have characters in new positions, we'll see Freemantle as never before. We'll even meet Cipher 8, and help welcome them onto the scene! There will be more about what's to come after #33, and even a special 10-page peek into the future as part of the extra-sized The Ill #25.

In the meantime, The Ill #20 is in-production...and coming along quite swimmingly (first use of that term in the 21st century).