Comic 603 - Ill 12 15

13th Aug 2015, 4:11 PM
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Ill 12 15
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14th Aug 2015, 4:13 AM
It disturbs me that The Malefactor is so easily beaten in every appearance thus far. Even tho he is a clone with not quite the same abilities as The Benefactor, he should still be a villain to be reckoned with, in my opinion.
14th Aug 2015, 1:33 PM

I agree that Malefactor has been sonned in recent appearances, but who's to say what may happen in the future. You want blood, tune in next issue.
18th Aug 2015, 8:08 PM
The Benefactor has thoroughly combed the alternate universes I see.
18th Aug 2015, 10:35 PM
Yes, he has...we'll soon get a more in-depth tour of The Esoterikon and all the wonders that lie within.