Comic 611 - The Ill #22 cover

14th Aug 2015, 9:12 PM
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The Ill #22 cover
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Author Notes:

14th Aug 2015, 9:12 PM
The Ill #22- Professor Crestfallen and his League of Evil rain death and destruction on the people of New Freemantle--and the ultimate sacrifice is made! But what classic villain from the past will show up to turn the tide--and whose side is he on? Plus: what miraculous event occurs when The Elder and his group finally reach New Freemantle? RE-IMAGINED WORLD pt 4!


18th Aug 2015, 1:11 PM
Very nice cover, guy.
18th Aug 2015, 8:18 PM
I like that. Kind of looks like one of the old Image covers.
18th Aug 2015, 10:26 PM
Thanks, guys...MAINman colored this one for me, I wanted Mercury to really glisten and shine, and he was able to hook it up.
18th Aug 2015, 11:47 PM
'He was turned to steel
In the great magnetic field
When he traveled time
For the future of Mankind.'
-The Great Oz