Ill 22 19

27th Sep 2015, 3:49 AM
Ill 22 19
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27th Sep 2015, 3:49 AM
NEXT ISSUE: Even MORE unexpected guest-stars! More death! A little bit of re-creation! All this, plus: The Club loses one of their original members! PERMANENTLY! 'RE-IMAGINED WORLD pt 5'--THE FINALE!!!

Postscript: I should point out that I'm referring to The Club we originally began reading about back in The Ill #1--one of them will be leaving us next issue. The true timeline may or may not be restored...but this isn't one of those alternate world storylines where all the happenings end up getting wiped away when the old status quo is restored. Tune in next month, it should be fun! -M


28th Sep 2015, 5:21 PM
Great issue.
I am a big fan of Enter the Dragon and approve of the Dr. Dale/Crestfallen showdown in the Hall of Mirr- Crystals.

One thing I am unclear on-
Crestfallen knows that his reimagined world will end all reality right? So what's his motivation?
Megalomania is an acceptable answer I suppose. Or maybe this is where that Crystal comes in...
28th Sep 2015, 11:02 PM
Much appreciated--I try my best to keep you guys coming back month to month!

As for Crestfallen's motivations--he's ignoring the fact that spacetime itself is ripping apart, and the Hate-Thing (what Mean Girl would've become) has warned them that their timeline is false. Crestfallen also wants the Wayfinder portal, which we'll learn more about next issue. I'll touch more on this in #24, but Mean Girl--as a part of her Anciently-Immense father-thing--has full recollection of the past timeline (her father-thing exists, like The Phantom Hitchhiker and those mystery people in Antipodes--outside of the timeline and are thus unaffected by changes to it).