Comic 633 - Collect 'Em All!

27th Sep 2015, 3:29 PM
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Collect 'Em All!
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27th Sep 2015, 4:19 PM
A few things: I hope you guys are enjoying the current story--things will only ramp up from here! We'll be losing one of the original cast members soon (but gaining so much more), while another cast member will uncover some secrets that will bring dischord among the family of heroes we've come to know...some cool relationship developments, and maybe 42 even finds a boyfriend! Issue #25 will be a special double-sized issue as two flame bearers go to war for the title--and a THIRD, 'new' contestant enters the fray, setting the stage for the future of The Ill! That issue will also feature 9 pages of story and art from over 20 years ago, as we witness the original concept of The Cipher (from an ancient sketchbook of mine). Details on the two Entropy Events, the Uni-Men, and more--then in issue #26 we witness the Elevation of Skarrd, and all secrets are revealed.

Fun stuff coming up, I hope you stick around and tell your comic-loving friends! -M