Comic 634 - The Ill #23

1st Oct 2015, 12:32 AM
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The Ill #23
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Author Notes:

1st Oct 2015, 12:32 AM
The Ill #23- 'RE-IMAGINED WORLD' pt 5, The Finale! Mercury vs Skarrd in a fight that will shape the future of The Ill! A truckload of special guests! The final fate of the universe rests in uncertain hands--and when the smoke has cleared, expect new shocks and surprises, along with MAJOR changes for certain members of The Club!


1st Oct 2015, 12:54 AM
I should add--this one may be a few pages longer than usual, as there's a LOT of ground to cover as I wrap this thing up. It will be somewhat of a personal milestone for me to reach this point in the story, as I looked forward to it for so long. The Ill, as you know, is an homage-type comic--I'm not re-inventing the wheel here, I'm not trying to approach the high plateaus of people like Moore, Morrison, Gaiman...I'm just telling the type of comic book story I dug as a kid, and celebrating all the little fun crap that makes a superhero universe special. I've covered the 'hero whose villain is his opposite' (and former best friend). I did a few team-up issues, I've thrown in some time travel. There's still more to play with--how about the villain whose identity you don't know, but may secretly be someone close to the hero? What about the hassles of a hero juggling a VERY secret identity while saving the world? And I've always liked villains with god complexes.

But that's still to come.

'Re-Imagined World' is my ode to the 'Crisis' storyline, the 'Age of Apocalypse', the complete deletion or alteration of a timeline and the struggle to re-build it (and the changes that usually come along with that). I'm not going to un-do anything at all, though--I will enhance a few things, and introduce some new players, as well as expand on the old. For example, would it not make sense that a supposedly immortal hero like Oneman might have kids out there? And what about a more detailed look at The Benefactor's origin? Next issue will be fun for me to produce, I just hope you guys enjoy it (and its companion, The Ill #24, the last page of which will hopefully surprise you). The next two issues will hopefully paint a more vivid (and better-drawn) picture of Universe-Designate...whatever it might end up being after this part of our story is done.


Forgot to add, in my rambling--FINALLY I'll be getting to the 'Secret Cipher' team that was assembled, what they did, and why it's a secret (it is quite major). Enigmatic hint: secrets, when exposed to the light, can destroy even the closest of families...and Clubs, even.