Comic 676 - ill 23.1 6

21st Feb 2016, 12:21 AM
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ill 23.1 6
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21st Feb 2016, 1:36 AM
A short look back at the Golden Age of Universe Designate-11 and the original Cipher of Justice...we'll see more stuff from the past soon, a long history lesson in The Ill #26, and in future issues we'll see things like the Cipher of the 70's and some of Oneman's goofy 1950's adventures. Hopefully you enjoyed this quick bite-sized issue!
24th Feb 2016, 7:45 PM
So was Memnon involved in 9/11 or what
24th Feb 2016, 8:36 PM
Just for historical accuracy Memnon was originally going to be white--I've not done a ton of research and am not sure how much he would've been accepted at the time because of his race. This is also why Oneman is so standoffish and keeps himself covered up--he's a black man during a turbulent time. Their Earth is a bit more progressive, though, a few things here and there moved along a bit quicker in their world, in terms of technology and Mankind's advancement as humans (things I've hinted at in The Ill #0 and will come to a head in The Ill #26, a full issue dedicated to the topic). Oneman's hiding of his identity was unnecessary--he will learn that these men respect and trust him. I ended up making Memnon vaguely Arabic and not the white guy he was originally intended to be (and I do intend to explore his relation to Lady Omega's Energem, which was in his possession during the 40's/early 50's).

And oh my god the typos and coloring errors here...I need to do this stuff when sober...I will correct the inconsistencies soon.
24th Feb 2016, 8:49 PM
Also, I just realized--some readers may not be familiar with certain comic book tropes I employ. Memnon the Mystic is based on various 1940's 'magician' heroes, guys who usually wore a tux and had some sort of mystical artifact (both Marvel and DC had tons of these guys, as did many other publishers). There were more heroes who appeared in Universe D-11 during wartime and at some point we'll see more of them.
24th Feb 2016, 11:10 PM
So... No then?
I always saw oneman as a black guy for some reason.
25th Feb 2016, 12:30 AM
No, he's on the side of good at this time, but I've wondered what became of him and where he'd be in the current age, assuming he's still alive (I've got his origin figured out and will do a page on him soon). I've got a few vague Lady Omega stories in the early stages, who knows, he may show up again.